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Healthy Living

Our Healthy Living plan ensures you can stay healthy and maintain a well balanced lifestyle. With no shopping and cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, we give you back time to focus on your life and wellbeing.

Weight Loss

There’s never been an easier way to lose weight. Simply eat what we tell you to eat in the right portions and create time to exercise, de-stress or just relax.

Choose Your Own Meals

You don’t need a calorie controlled plan but you've heard our meals are so healthy and nutritious that you want to jump right in and pick meals that suit your dietary requirements. This option is perfect for vegetarians, people wanting a gluten free diet or people with intolerances. All meals are clearly labeled so start shopping now!

Personalised Plan

Feel like an A Lister! Tell us your statistics and weight goals and we will provide you with your very own personalised meal plan in portion sizes that are just right for you. You’ll also get an online personal profile so you can track your diet and stress progress!


What you get out of your plan

  • Flexibility to order week to week with no contracts
  • A Mindfulness programme with podcasts sent to your inbox every week
  • Graphs that show your personal health and weight loss progress and stress reduction
  • A searchable health and wellness library to support you on your lifestyle change journey
  • The ability to update your goals and choose your menu every week