Dietary Requirements

Not initially. If this is something you are interested please let us know by clicking here

Not initially. This is something that we will continue to evaluate based on feedback from our member community.

Our food is designed to allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you require specific dietary guidance, it’s best that you consult an accredited dietician.

If your health practitioner has advised you to lose weight or to eat ahealthier diet then Live Yellow can certainly help you with that. All our meals are healthy, fresh and nutritionally balanced.

Currently our meats are not halal. We will be offering you the ability to eliminate pork and shellfish from your menu plan shortly.

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that our meals are free from traces of nuts.

Individuals manage their diabetes differently. Live Yellow can assist you by providing a regular meal pattern that is energy controlled, nutritionally balanced and contains appropriate amounts of sodium and dietary sugar.

Detailed information about our ingredients and nutritionals can be found on our seasonal menu guide. If you are in any doubt about Live Yellow’s food and its suitability for your individual needs, it’s essential that you seek advice from a qualified health professional.

Our meals have been designed for people over the age of 18 years of age. We have not considered the nutritional requirements of children in the development of the menu.