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At Live Yellow weunderstand how frustrating it is when faced with so much conflicting information about food and health. One day you're empowered and the next you're back to square one. With so many 'experts', with so many different opinions, it's impossible to know who to trust - until now.

Here at Live Yellow we've compiled all the information, listened to varied opinions and tried and tested the different approaches resulting in a distilled set of guidelines perfectly suited to you.

Think of Live Yellow as your trusted health and nutrition advisors who get to know your goals and understand your lifestyle limitations. The information we share isn't designed for the masses. It's realistic, factual and entirely tailored to you.

Learn from our team of hand picked experts across the food, health and wellbeing spectrum and also join our facebook page Live Yellow. This is where you and all Live Yellow customers can share and learn from each other's individual experiences.




Our meals all follow this simple set of rules ensuring you are giving your mind & body the food it deserves:

  • They contain a minimum of natural sugars and avoid additional sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Avoid vegetable oils
  • Include only grass fed sources of protein
  • Use both wild and farmed fish, where endangered breeds are avoided and the focus is on sustainability and quality suppliers
  • Encourage the consumption of healthy animal fats (no low fat dairy products will be used), saturated fats and monounsaturated fats
  • Use natural, mineral rich sources of salt
  • Are free of GMO's
  • Use antibiotic-free and hormone-free animals
  • Use no preservatives or additives
  • Are free range and locally sourced
  • Are organic where possible
  • This means the meals you receive from Live Yellow are as healthy and sustainable as we can possibly make them.


Meet the Team

Angus Mackay

Chief Evangelist

Angus was at one point like most of us, a 'misinformed consumer'. He thought he had a healthy diet until he read a book by David Gillespie called 'Sweet Poison' and realised how misinformed he was.

This moment of enlightenment together with concern about his family’s long line of chronic disease built on a keen interest in health and fitness. He experienced for himself the effects of debilitating stress and the power of being present to overcome it. He has since been on a mission to inform and now provide Australians with a pathway to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives, inside and out.

The leading cause of chronic disease in Australia by 2023 will be diabetes. This now affects more than 4% of Australians and is completely related to modern lifestyles. Angus will do everything he can to avoid more Australians having their lives cut short or their quality of life diminished.

"The joy we get from living is always more important than how we will be remembered. I for one, want to be as healthy as I can for as long as I can and be the first father in three generations to meet my grandchildren."

Tania Pickering

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Tania Pickering developed the Live Yellow Mindfulness Program. She is a fully registered psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has a Master of Clinical Neuropsychology and has received extensive training in the area of cognitive dysfunction, conducting comprehensive cognitive assessments.

Tania works with people with busy lifestyles and particularly stressed-out executives in corporates to help them with their time and management skills enabling them to become more productive & mindful in their work and home lives.

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