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It's not only the rich and famous now that can have their own chef who makes personalised pre-prepared meals to suit their busy lifestyles.

With Live Yellow you can now look & feel fabulous with personalised meals delivered to your office or home based on your health, dietary and weight loss goals. Never feel hungry or eat bland tasteless meals ever again. We have an extensive menu that will delight your taste buds and your waistline. Each meal has been created by our chefs and dieticians to make sure you look and feel your best every day.

Plus with the extra time we save you shopping and cooking you can relax and enjoy our mindfulness program which will help you enjoy and be present in every minute of your new, healthy, stress free lifestyle.

How It Works

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We have meal plans to suit your health maintenance, weight loss or dietary requirements. Simply choose your plan, answer a few questions about yourself and we will personalise your menu.

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Your personalised menu

You will receive your personalised plan and dashboard to keep you on track with your health and stress reduction goals.

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Delivered to your door

To ensure freshness and convenience we deliver healthy meals to your home or office once or twice a week.

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Our Promise

why live yellow

At Live Yellow it's all about you. By building an in-depth understanding of your requirements we give you the solution you need to achieve your health goals.

Step 1

To get started we will ask you some basic questions about your eating and lifestyle habits so we can personalise your menu.

Step 2

We deliver fresh, tasty, nutritious meals designed by our dietitians & chefs.

Step 3

Our Mindfulness Program uses scientifically proven techniques to help you stay motivated.